PDF Forms Filler

Batch fill PDF e-forms with CSV data to produce secured and flattened output.

Visually clean and clear, this program lets you chose a data source and a PDF with form fields, and iterate through all record sets, so that for each set of data, a set of pages merged with data are created. Pages are flattened, meaning that the output does not carry the original form field structure any more, but static impressions. You can create one disk file for each set of pages, or save all such pages into a single monolithic output file. Working best with CSV files with headers, it can also process XML data source.


Mapping fields

To map from data columns to form fields, just drag from left and drop to the right. You can also use the automatica mapping feature to make such correlations by matching names. To remove a mapping, drag the column and drop in an empty place in the field list. Both left and right sides of the central panel are moveable, where you can drag and resize the area.

For XML data source, please map the leave-level nodes only. Click on the branch level and then the eye glasses icon to set actual data source, as XML is a hiearchical structure and we must specify which level to navigate.

Browsing data

You can browse the dataset using the slide bar. For an XML data source, you need to select a branch node first, and then click the eye glasses icon to load a data navigator for that level. It is an XPath navigator thus it traverses multiple nodes on the same level.

For CSV, you may want to specify the encoding first before you load data. There is a small globe icon for this purpose.

Saving output

By specifying an output file name, you will get a collection of individual files, each containing one copy of input pages with data filled, with sequence number shown in file name, such as [0], [1], [2], … Please note only regular plain text field are allowed, so please avoid using drop-down list, rich-text box, comb or format-enhanced fields, etc.

To create a single output file for all pages, first click the stack icon by the Save button to check it.

About the Author: Cyphia