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Powerful .NET implementation of PDF capability

Expertise in PDF technology has been one of our highlights [1]. Our proprietary implementation covers up-to-date PDF format versions and content types, and it does not rely on third-part tools like some common solutions such as Xpdf or Ghostscript [2]. Our products are developed in pure C#, including library, GUI interfaces, and even web front. Please click one of the icons above to explore more into the various fields related to PDF technology.

We offer both desktop, standalone software and solution scheme that can be incorporated into other systems. For desktop, we have packed some powerful and convenient tools into a toolbox, a traditional that resonates with the earlier days when PDF tools such as splitter, merger, stamper etc. were living within or without Acrobat to help with productivity. The PDF parsing and generation capability also helps enable our acclaimed DocEvents document processing platform.

We are not a PDF virtual printer service; rather, our focus is to enhance, utilize, or repurpose existing PDFs. For example, getting indexed text out of a batch of PDF files counts as repurposing, while using a PDF as envelope to deliver another file as attachment counts as utilization.

As to parsing of PDF content details, we can handle all font types (Type 1, Type 3, CID, TrueType, Unicode), all image color types (1-bit, masked, grayscale, RGB, CMYK, etc.), all function types, almost all compression schemes (CCITT, Jpeg, Zip, RLE, A85, etc.), common encryptions schemes (up to 256 bits), most interactive contents such as annotations and form fields, and recognize most distinct object types (rather than data types) such as bookmark, file specification, form appearance, and hundreds of others so as to provide a well-designed object system that is powerful, flexible, and robust.

patent-pendingFor server-based or distributed applications, we provide a technological foundation for shared reviews, PDF to HTML conversions, and PDF storage reduction. Though possible as standalone services, they can comfortably fit into an established architecture to provide additional business values.

Some of the innovations are patent-pending and the intellectual property rights are protected by allocable laws.


splitter Legacy product

pdf-toolbox-6 Current product

[1] One early example is show below, which splits PDF documents in an interactive way. A similar functionality is found in PDF Toolbox, however with different look and feel. We design both for functionality and for usability.

[2] Xpdf is an open-source C library often used in shareware that renders PDF into image; Ghostscript is another open-source project that converts PostScript intermediate output into PDF.