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AFP Facelift

Add color to text, image, background, and white space The AFP technology has evolved for more than a couple of decades, and many output produced from earlier technology lack the refinedness of modern documents. Typical symptoms included: black and white throughout; use of low-resolution raster fonts; bitmap images; lack of vector graphics; pattern fills that […]

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AFP Viewer

An indispensable tool for AFP user packed with advanced features. There are many PDF viewers, but viewers for AFP are scarce. Unlike Adobe whose Acrobat sets the standard for a PDF viewer, IBM’s AFP viewer was a plug-in that doesn’t intend to be the standard and has been less actively maintained. Most widely used AFP viewers nowadays include AFP-lookup […]

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Chinese Version Converting AFP to PDF with speed, accuracy, and robustness Competitive advantages Performance Ultra-fast speed Preservation of text, graphics, and images Minimized data duplication Sequential reading Progressive writing Compatibility Uses .NET standard classes such as Image, Font, GraphicsPath Uses Unicode for all text content Standard Zip, Jpeg, CCITT, AHx compressions Standard PDF features such […]

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