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Chinese Version Converting AFP to PDF with speed, accuracy, and robustness Competitive advantages Performance Ultra-fast speed Preservation of text, graphics, and images Minimized data duplication Sequential reading Progressive writing Compatibility Uses .NET standard classes such as Image, Font, GraphicsPath Uses Unicode for all text content Standard Zip, Jpeg, CCITT, AHx compressions Standard PDF features such […]

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Parsing AFP

UnionStation framework parses MODCA, IOCA, FOCA, PTOCA etc. into live objects and easily creates indices Some legacy solutions are like state machines — they interpret input such as PostScript and AFP, execute the commands, and modify their internal states as it goes. Before long, the number of states and the interaction among them would go out of control […]

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PDF Shared Review

Shared-review is a server-based solution scheme to merging and distributing PDF form data including comments. The server/client framework involves SOAP communication to and from server, conversion of PDF form data to and from XML, and manipulation of PDF annotations. This is an Adobe-defined architecture, for which our main interest is to generate data packets that […]

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